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A RAR file is a very popular file compressed format however the Windows operating system by default only supports the ZIP file compression format. RAR file compression format is not supported by the Windows Operating System. So how do you open a RAR file on a Windows operating system?

With our WIN RAR File Extractor you will have a simple and easy to use program that will unzip your RAR files quickly extract and easily and decompress all files and folders inside the WIN RAR archive.

Select a .rar file and select a folder to save to and the files will be easily extracted that new folder you want to save your RAR file contents too. Press the "Extract" button and that is all there is too. You have now extracted all of the content that resided within your RAR file. The options include "Overwrite" and "Show extracted files when complete". This program supports multi-volume RAR archive.

This is software is completely free to use! No adaware and is free for personal and commercial use.


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